Las ˇleos de todo Girolamo Forabosco

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Girolamo Forabosco, Portrait of a Courtesan
 Portrait of a Courtesan   1665 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
Girolamo Forabosco, portrait of a lady c.
 portrait of a lady c.   1635 vienna, kunsthistorisches museum
Girolamo Forabosco, Portrait of a Venetian Lady
 Portrait of a Venetian Lady   mk150 c.1640/50 Canvas 78x64cm
Girolamo Forabosco, Portrait of a Woman
 Portrait of a Woman   mk65 Oil on canvas 26 3/16x20 7/8in Uffizi,Vasari Corridor

Girolamo Forabosco
1604-1679 Italian Girolamo Forabosco Location Italian painter. He was active in Padua and Venice, where he was enrolled in the Fraglia dei Pittori between 1634 and 1639 and paid taxes from 1640 to 1644. His early work, such as the portrait of the so-called Menichina (1624; Rome, Pal. Barberini), was influenced by that of Alessandro Varotari (Padovanino), who had revived the style of Titian. He also adopted compositional and formal schemes from Tiberio Tinelli, as in the Portrait of a Woman. The large canvas of the Miraculous Rescue (1646; Malamocco, S Maria Assunta), commissioned by Giovanni Ventura as an ex-voto for his escape from a shipwreck, shows Forabosco, unconstrained by the narrative and devotional character premises of the undertaking, creating a tender portrait group, distinguished by its spontaneity. The most striking quality of his work is its combination of physiognomic exactitude with free, fluid brushwork.

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