Toutes peintures ā l'huile d'SALVIATI, Cecchino del

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SALVIATI, Cecchino del, Bathsheba Goes to King David
 Bathsheba Goes to King David   1552-54 Fresco Palazzo Sacchetti, Rome Salviati (Francesco de' Rossi), together with Bronzino and Vasari, belonged to the second generation of Mannerist painters in Florence. He was in the Sarto workshop about 1529 and later Vasari and he were together in Rome where the influence of Raphael and of sophisticated Raphael followers affected him deeply. He also gathered ideas from his travels through north Italy, in Mantua, Venice and probably Parma. His frescoes in the Palazzo Sacchetti in Rome are among his most Mannerist works.Artist:SALVIATI, Cecchino del Title: Bathsheba Goes to King David Painted in 1501-1550 , Italian - - painting : religious
SALVIATI, Cecchino del, Charity
 Charity   mk156 c.1556 Oil on panel 156x122cm
SALVIATI, Cecchino del, Charity af
 Charity af   1554-58 Oil on wood, 156 x 122 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
SALVIATI, Cecchino del, The Visitation af
 The Visitation af   1538 Fresco Oratory of S. Giovanni Decollato, Rome

SALVIATI, Cecchino del
Italian painter, Florentine school (b. 1510, Firenze, d. 1563, Roma).

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